AA+ Spore Syringe

AA+ are an excellent strain of P. Cubensis. These mushrooms are well domesticated and provide reliable spores.

Species - Psilocybe Cubensis
Strain - Albino A+

This is a good strain for beginner mycologists and collectors.

Background of Albino A+ mushrooms

The Albino A+ are a reliable strain that has mutated into a leucistic strain of the A strain, another good beginner strain. This is not a true albino magic mushroom because it's spores are dark brown to black in colour. This is visible in the spores syringes of this species. Therefore this is a leucistic version, so printing the spores is a highly viable option and if you are interested in viewing these easily under the microscope, this is a viable option if interesting in Albino cubensis mushrooms.

Technical specifications of our AA+ spore syringes

Our AA+ spores are suspended in the finest purified water with the latest laboratory techniques to ensure the spores are easily distributed in the syringe. Our AA+ spores are prepared with High Dispersion Technology, ensuring our AA+ spores are finely dispersed in their syringe, reducing clumping and allowing magic mushroom spore syringes to go a lot further in your projects.

Want to grow magic mushrooms for research? Have a look at our proposed framework for legalising magic mushrooms in the UK.  Our AA+ spores are intended for non-growing purposes only, in the UK.  For other countries, check your local laws.  Best viewed up to 1000 x magnification under a microscope.

Included with each syringe:

  • Blunt fill needle (syringe needle)
  • Alcohol swab for cleaning slide or surface

All our spores are for microscopy work and are prepared in an aseptic environment to ensure the cleanest possible spore solutions.

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Albino A+ Spore syringe

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