Treasure Coast Magic Mushroom Spores

This great beginners spore variety originated in the Treasure Coast region of south east of the USA. Known for their decent size and ability to grow easily, they are well known and excellent for studying spores with microscopes for beginner mycologists. These are recommended by UK Musha.

This is a good strain for beginner mycologists and collectors. This is one of the stronger of the recommended beginner strains among Golden Teacher spores, Ecuador, B+ (Be Positive) and Mexican spores.

Background of Treasure Coast Magic Mushrooms

The Treasure Coast is claimed to have been isolated by a Mr. G, however these claims seem spurious. Instead it is a case of Cubensis magic mushrooms being found in the wild Treasure Coast region of the United States in the 60's, cloned and shared.

When a favourable trait was enjoyed, in this case, larger size mushrooms, then the spores of that magic mushroom specimen was collected and shared amongst friends and enthusiasts. Their friends would grow the Treasure Coast mushrooms from spore syringes they received and would also clone and collect more Treasure Coast spores from the best specimens, thereby further isolating and enhancing those favourable aspects of those magic mushrooms.

Technical specifications of our Treasure Coast spore syringes

Our magic mushroom spores are suspended in the finest purified water with the latest laboratory techniques to ensure the spores are easily distributed in the syringe. Our magic mushroom spores are prepared with High Dispersion Technology, ensuring our mushroom spores are finely dispersed, reducing clumping and allowing spore syringe solutions to go a lot further in your projects.

Our magic mushroom spores are intended for non-growing purposes only, in the UK.  For other countries, check your local laws.  Best viewed up to 1000 x magnification under a microscope.

Included with each syringe:

  • Blunt fill needle (syringe needle)
  • Alcohol swab for cleaning slide or surface

All our magic mushroom spores are for microscopy work and are prepared in an aseptic environment to ensure the cleanest possible spore solutions.

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Treasure Coast Spore Syringe

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