1 December 2022

Christmas trading period

We are having our Christmas break from 14 December to 2 January. Sales will be closed but we will still be responding to customer queries, returns and other customer services for most of the period. From 24 to 27 December, all office functions will be closed, including email replies. Our Oompa Loompas need days off too.

Have a Merry Mushmas!

27 September 2022

Royal mail strikes affecting our shipping and order dispatch

Due to Strikes by Royal Mail, we will be suspending orders from early Wednesday morning and resuming orders from Monday evening. This is to ensure our orders don't get caught up in the mail system and to make sure our customers get their products in an orderly fashion. Our stocks will be zero during this period. We apologise for the inconvenience but will be working throughout this period and hope for some surprises early next week!

5 September 2022

Royal Mail Strikes affecting shipping and order dispatch - updated 9 September 2022

Due to Royal mail strikes, we will be suspending orders from Wednesday midday and resuming orders from Friday evening, 9 September for orders and shipments.

This is to ensure all orders are shipped and delivered in a timely manner. During this time all stocks will be reduced to 0 until we can safely restart shipments again.

21 August 2022

Store will be closed for two days: 25 - 26 August.

The last day for placing orders is Wednesday 24 August. We will not take orders from that evening and the 25 and 26 August. We will restock and be taking orders again from Saturday 27 August as per normal. We will continue processing orders and resume shipping orders from Tuesday 30 August after the bank holiday as normal.

21 July 2022

Water shortages affecting production

Since the recent heatwave we've had no water. This has meant we have not been able to produce our UK magic mushroom grow kits as much as we've wanted to. You will see a shortage until water is restored. If you would like notifications of when our production is restored, you can sign up for our magic mushroom grow kit stock update pages.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

31 May 2022

Jubilee shipping and delivery dates

The last day for shipping is Wednesday. The postal service is closed during holidays, so there will be NO DELIVERIES on Thursday and Friday.  Orders made on Wednesday should be delivered on Saturday. All other orders will be shipped on Monday, including orders made on Thursday and Friday

4 May 2022

Our shop will be closed early this weekend, including Friday and Monday (6 May to 9 May). UK Musha will re-open on the following Tuesday, 10 May.

We are having a having an extended break this weekend from 6 May to 9 May. The shop will have stocks zeroed from Friday morning until Monday evening. All orders made and paid for by Thursday evening will be posted on Friday. The next shipment day after that will be Tuesday, 10 May 2022.

We look forward to seeing you again after this break.