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We will always ship out your purchase to your given address. We will not be held responsible for items that are held up, not delivered or damaged by customs. We will not be held liable for loss or damage caused by the use, ordering or delivery of our products and services to or by you.

You promise not to resell our products in any commercial way. They are for personal and scientific use only.  You agree not to grow the spores of active species (such as Psilocybe Cubensis) in countries where it is prohibited to do so. By purchasing our products you agree not to use them for any illegal purposes.  We are not responsible in any way for accidents or damage(s) caused to person(s) or goods, by any product to the purchaser or end user of our products.

Our products are only for available for persons 18 years and older. By purchasing from us you agree that you are older than 18 and you will not hold us responsible for you own actions, either intentional or accidental.