Product Safety

It is important to exercise safety when dealing with magic mushrooms spores. There are legal aspects to consider and abide by the law of whichever country the customer uses.

A common question we often come across is,"Are magic mushroom spores legal in the UK?". In the UK and many countries in the EU and much of the rest of the world, possessing magic mushroom spores is legal. However possessing the active ingredients inside magic mushrooms such as Psilocybin and Psilocin is illegal. The same goes from magic mushroom grow kits. Any mushroom grow kits with magic mushroom living mycelium are illegal in many countries, including the UK. However uninoculated mushroom grow kits are completely legal to posses and use, this is because it contains no illegal substances; Psilocybin and Psilocin. Our Mushroom Grow Kits are completely legal in the UK and many countries because they are blank and not yet inoculated with spores and are intended to be used to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms. They can legally and safely be inoculated with any number of gourmet or medicinal mushrooms spores. If they become inoculated with Magic Mushroom Spore syringes, then they become Magic Mushroom Grow Kits, which is against the law in the UK because they can then grow lots of magic mushrooms and we do not encourage this. If you eat these mushrooms you would experience symptoms of being intoxicated by psilocin, such as feeling euphoria or other confusing emotions and possibly hallucinations, visions and profound insights.

Our magic mushrooms spores are only sold on the understanding that they are to be used for microscopy and other non growing purposes, unless you live in a country that you are legally allowed to grow magic mushrooms. Our mushroom grow kits are also sold on the basis that they are used to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms, not intended to grow magic mushrooms, unless you reside in a country where it is legal to do so. Therefore, we are unable to give advice in growing magic mushrooms, even with our mushroom growing kits.

We are unable to ship psilocybin mushroom spores to Norway and Germany as we have become aware that the spores of magic mushroom species may be illegal in those countries.