Psychedelics and ADHD: A Retrospective Survey

Psychedelics and ADHD: A Retrospective Survey

UK Musha would like to introduce an ADHD survey carried out by an undergraduate from Greenwich University. Currently they are looking for volunteers to fill our a survey to help understand some of the benefits psychedlics, such as magic mushrooms may have. We invite you to read their post and help fill out their survey if you believe you may be able to help.

Hello, my name is Nikole Katinaite, and I am currently running a project as part of my undergraduate degree in Psychology.

My project is investigating the relationship between psychedelics and their effects on ADHD symptoms, and we are seeking participants who have either been diagnosed with or experience symptoms of ADHD and have used psychedelics. A formal diagnosis of ADHD is not necessary, but you must experience symptoms of ADHD in order to participate and have used psychedelics at least once. You must also be 18+ to participate.

During the survey, you will be first asked to provide some demographic information, such as gender, age, and ADHD diagnosis, if applicable. Then, you will be asked to complete three questionnaires that will investigate your symptoms of ADHD, psychedelic history and the self-perceived effect psychedelics have had upon your symptoms.

The study should take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Participation is anonymous and completely voluntary. You can leave at any time during the study without giving a reason or skip any questions you do not wish to answer. If you are interested in taking part, please follow the link: Survey. If you have any questions before or after taking part in the study, please contact me at [email protected].

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